Fun & Learning Center

Daily Schedule
0700-0800: Free Time
0800-0900: Table Time ( Organized play that includes table activities such as stencils, patterns, building blocks, coloring, and puzzles)
0930-1000: Play Time (Children have already warmed up their brains, now it is time to warm up their bodies and then to school. Here we practice sharing, taking turns, respect for toys, waiting your turn and many other character building skills while involved in active play)
1000-1100: School Time (Calendar, weather, letter, shape and color of the week)
Activity Time (Arts and Crafts or learning centers)
1115-1200: Lunch Time
1200-1230: Play Time (This is a chance for the kids to move around and play one last time together before a story or nap for full time students).
1230-1300: Story Time (Students can listen to stories being read out loud to enforce language skills and develop an interest in books)
1300-1445: Nap Time for full time children.
1430-1500: Snack Time
1500-1600: Active Time


Kinder Jam

Japanese Class
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